This ADS carriage show is open to all breeds. Championships will be awarded on Saturday for Open, Novice, small ponies and VSEs, and separate obstacle championships in each division. All competitors must declare their division and championships will be awarded in all divisions.

Our carriage competition will feature many additional cones courses on Saturday, a continuous drive, a combined test, and an arena driving trial which will accrue points toward the New England Arena Driving Championships.

Championships will be awarded in all divisions. To be elgible for Championships, entry must include one dressage test (Limit: Training #2, Open: Preliminary #2)  and all classes within the division and will be decided by total number of points accumulated. 1st place 6 pts; 2nd place - 5 pts; 3rd place - 4 pts; 4th place - 3 pts; 5th place - 2 pts; 6th place - 1 pt. The term 'entry' shall mean the horse and driver combination. Any change in this combination will disqualify the entry from championships.